Video Game Case Study – UNDERTALE


How do you make a game that wins awards and blows people minds like Undertale has done?

As game creators we can learn a lot from the decision made by other indie developers, so in this Case Study I find some key points we can learn from the game “Undertale”. I discuss 5 (of the many) things that game designers / game developers / game creators (ie. you!) can learn to be even more awesome at making games.

I love that this game game was made by one person (Toby Fox) using the GameMaker engine. As I’ve said many times, your game doesn’t have to be the greatest, shiniest, feature-packed, intricate, gigantic game. It needs to have its own personality and keep players entertained. Undertale does that really well.

Check out my analysis of some things we can learn from Undertale in the video:

About The Author

Rick Davidson

Career Coach, Life Coach and Game Development Expert.