Stop Listening To What You “Should” Do


So many people make decisions based upon what they “should” do.

I’m talking about decisions on how your game looks and feels and plays. “It should be easy enough for anyone to play”… “it should make sense”… “it should have 10 hours of gameplay”.

I’m talking about decisions on who your audience is. I’m talking about decisions on how you live your life.

But “should” has no power. Its a phony. Its misleading. The instant that “I should” is not in the room, you go back to doing whatever the heck you feel more interested in doing. You procrastinate. You diddle. You consume rather than create.

If you are making decisions such as “I really should work on XYZ today” or “I should include this in my game” or “I should get better at programming”… then YOU WILL FAIL.

You will fail.

I promise you this, because “I should” is the flimsiest motivation you can find. It is someone else’s agenda. You do not own it. You do not believe it.

But when you connect with is important to you and evolve your actions into a “I want” that starts to have some juice. That has some power to move the needle.

And better yet, when you can see that piece of work, or decision, or deadline or task or whatever as “I MUST”… that is when you will be unstoppable. That is when you will run your fastest, jump your highest, dive your deepest.

“I SHOULD” will let you down. “I MUST” will get shit done.

Here’s a video where I discuss this:

About The Author

Rick Davidson

Career Coach, Life Coach and Game Development Expert.