Motivation for Video Game Creators – Don’t Give Up On Your Dream


When it comes to staying motivated as a game creator, how does the old saying go?… “Nothing good in life comes easily“?

Something like that.

It takes time, it can suck at times, you’ll hit walls and barriers. But it’s worth it. It really is. Perhaps you won’t make money from your game, perhaps you won’t become famous, but the act of working on and finishing your game means that you won’t die wondering, “what if?”

I struggled when I first started making games because I wanted my games to be as good as the games I was buying and playing. And of course when you first start out, your games won’t be that good. Quite often they’ll be pretty bad. They’ll look ugly and be full of bugs.

But the best thing you can do is focus on creating one – just one – compelling moment in your game. Something that makes a player smile, or curse, or sweat a little.

Make it crazy, over-the-top action.

Make it the toughest puzzle they’ve ever encountered.

Don’t worry about winning awards or selling millions.

Just. Make. One. Good. Moment.

Here’s a video where I share a little more about my story and hopefully give you a little extra encouragement. Don’t Give Up.

About The Author

Rick Davidson

Career Coach, Life Coach and Game Development Expert.