Stuck? Pick some low hanging fruit.


Procrastinating? Stuck? Not getting any work done?

Then try this. Find an absolute no-brainer task. Like cleaning your room, re-naming your files, updating your contact details, sorting your music library, resizing your art assets. It can be anything (so long as it is actually valuable and useful to you – don’t go and dig a hole just so you can fill it in again). Make sure it is something that is easy. Do it, do it quickly, do it without putting too much thought into it.

Something cool will happen while you are doing it and when you finish…

You start to get a roll on. You get momentum. You switch gears from surfing / playing / lounging into doing / thinking / finishing.

As soon as you pick that low hanging fruit, jump into one of your more important tasks.

You’ll be surprised how often this can transform your day from one of crappy productivity to one of getting things done.

Go try it now.

About The Author

Rick Davidson

Career Coach, Life Coach and Game Development Expert.