Introduction: The 4 M's of Indie Success

Before you dive into the 3-part video series below, check out this overview video for the big picture on how to succeed.

The 4 M's:

1. Moments

2. Marketing

3. Money

4. Motivation

Video 1: Where To Start

How do you get started? What should you learn? How long should you take? What tools / engines / software are the best? This video is a great introduction for anyone seriously considering investing the time and effort into making games which make money.

Video 2: Designing A Player Experience

We often get so excited about a particular feature or so engrossed in a technical challenge that our games become less compelling and marketable than they HAVE to be. How do you make a game the stands out? How do you make a game that creates delight? This video explains how to do this through the use of a clearly defined "Player Experience".

Video 3: Story-Based Marketing

Time and again I see people putting their blood, sweat and tears into making a great game but then they let themselves down by making a fundamental mistake with their marketing and community building. This video explains a strategy that will have a huge impact on connecting with your audience and getting your game known.

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