How To Write Your Video Game Industry Resume


If you are applying for a job in the games industry, I personally believe that your LinkedIn profile is your most valuable asset. When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, its as though you are knocking on their door and most people will take a peek through the looking hole to see who is there. If your profile shines, they’ll connect.

However, most companies will require a resume at some point. So you need to have one. And it need to look professional. Here are the main things to remember:

  • The particular formatting or font really doesn’t matter… so long as it looks clean and is easy to read. Don’t get fancy, unless you are applying for a graphic designer role.
  • List your achievements and accomplishments wherever possible. Be self-focused, talk about “I” rather than “we”.
  • Always include a summary at the top, but make it relevant to “whats in it for them”. Don’t go and write an Objectives section (ie. I’m looking to work for a forward thinking, blah blah company) because no one cares. They read your resume to answer their needs, not yours.

I’ve included my resume template below. It has lots of notes in it. It should get you most of the way to having a sparkling resume.

About The Author

Rick Davidson

Career Coach, Life Coach and Game Development Expert.