Video 1: What is Your Video Game Value?

Like any other industry, getting a job in the games industry or getting promoted or changing roles comes down to one simple thing: Does the employer perceive you as valuable? But there is more to value than you might think...

Video 2: Your Personal Brand

Getting a job or promotion is a lot about positioning and marketing. You, as a person, have a brand. Perhaps your brand is "experienced 3D artist" or your brand is "skilled C# programmer" or maybe "reliable quality assurance team member". Whatever it is, it must be clear and precise...

Video 3: The Magic of LinkedIn

If you are gunning for a job in the games industry then its an absolute must that you are using LinkedIn effectively. Sure, not everyone in a company will be on LinkedIn, but if you know how to use LinkedIn effectively you'll have a big advantage over those who don't.

Video 4: The Reporter Technique for Networking

I've coached a lot of people who dislike networking and see it as a scary beast. As the saying goes, "its not what you know, its who you know"... which is basically saying, "networking gets you jobs". Networking doesn't need to be scary, here is one cool technique that anyone can do for excellent results.

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