How To Get A Job In The Video Game Industry - Online Training Course

Not sure how to get a job in the video game industry? This comprehensive course will show you how to maximise your chances of getting interviews and job offers. Perfect for people with no experience in the games industry as well as people who know a thing or two. The course is entirely online so you can learn from it any time, any place.

  • 6+ Hours of Training Videos

    The course is hosted on, creators of the most popular game development training programs on the internet.

  • Ticks All The Job Search Boxes

    The course will teach you how to create your resume, write great cover letters, build an online portfolio and become a LinkedIn ninja. We provide lots of templates and examples to make things as simple as possible for you.

  • Ask Any Question You Like

    As part of the program you will be able to access the best game development community on the internet and also tap into a team of Teaching Assistants who can answer your questions.

  • Real Case Study Success Stories

    The course is full of examples of how Rick’s students have applied his strategies to get interview and get job offers.

  • What Does It Cost?

    Click the button to get a big discount on the course and start your learning today.

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