You Know What You Need To Do

You Know What You Need To Do

You know enough to get the job done. So go get the job done. Sure, you might not be the best at your craft yet, but you know what, the only way for you to get better is BY DOING. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, its SUPPOSED to be terrible the first few…

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More LinkedIn Advice for Your Video Game Career


I love LinkedIn, I really do. Some of you are absolutely dominating on LinkedIn. Some of you are absolutely sucking on LinkedIn! One LinkedIn tip I have for you is to make sure you pass the 3 second rule. You may have heard the old “you have 6 seconds to impress someone with your resume before they…

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The Boy Who Loved Video Games – A Story To Consider


I think this video is my favourite of all the videos I’ve created to date. Its the one which hits home the strongest. Its not about me (some people have asked) but it matched a lot of the feelings I’ve had towards a career making video games for a living. People might not understand why…

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Video Game Case Study – UNDERTALE


How do you make a game that wins awards and blows people minds like Undertale has done? As game creators we can learn a lot from the decision made by other indie developers, so in this Case Study I find some key points we can learn from the game “Undertale”. I discuss 5 (of the many)…

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Motivation for Video Game Creators – Don’t Give Up On Your Dream


When it comes to staying motivated as a game creator, how does the old saying go?… “Nothing good in life comes easily“? Something like that. It takes time, it can suck at times, you’ll hit walls and barriers. But it’s worth it. It really is. Perhaps you won’t make money from your game, perhaps you…

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Indie Interview: Successful Mobile game, “Does Not Commute”

does not commute thumbnail image

Is it even possible to live the dream? It sure is. I was playing a game that I really liked, so I decided to contact the developer and ask them some questions about their journey of living the dream. Getting paid to make games, that is. The game was Does Not Commute and the developer…

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How To Write Your Video Game Industry Resume


If you are applying for a job in the games industry, I personally believe that your LinkedIn profile is your most valuable asset. When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, its as though you are knocking on their door and most people will take a peek through the looking hole to see who is there. If…

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Change Your Environment To Get Unstuck

Change your environment

If you are blocked, it might be time to stop staring at the same wall, sitting in the same seat or being influenced by the same (uninspiring?) environment. Below is my advice on changing up your environment.    

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Stop Listening To What You “Should” Do


So many people make decisions based upon what they “should” do. I’m talking about decisions on how your game looks and feels and plays. “It should be easy enough for anyone to play”… “it should make sense”… “it should have 10 hours of gameplay”. I’m talking about decisions on who your audience is. I’m talking about decisions…

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Keep Up Your Energy – Playlist of Motivational Videos

Motivational videos

If you’re going slow or getting stuck, try getting your head into the game by watching a powerful motivational video right before you work. This works great for me and many of my coaching clients. I’ve built a playlist of some of the videos on Youtube that I like. Each one is around the 5…

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Stuck? Pick some low hanging fruit.


Procrastinating? Stuck? Not getting any work done? Then try this. Find an absolute no-brainer task. Like cleaning your room, re-naming your files, updating your contact details, sorting your music library, resizing your art assets. It can be anything (so long as it is actually valuable and useful to you – don’t go and dig a…

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How To Start An Indie Game Studio


You want to start your own Indie Game Studio? Cool, I like your ambition. I’ve been part of 5 Start-Up companies / businesses during my career, a couple of them games studios, a couple them not. Some of them succeeded, some of them didn’t. Some of them I was a Founder, some I wasn’t. One…

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How To Make Games If You Don’t Know Programming


Confession time: I don’t know how to code (ie I’m not a programmer). But I’ve spent the last 10 years earning my living from making video games. So if you are sitting wondering how the heck you can make games if you don’t even know programming, don’t stress… there are tons of ways for you to…

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Where to Start As An Indie Game Developer


I love the question, “where do I start if I want to learn how to be an Indie Game Developer?” If you are asking that question – good for you. Every journey no matter how big or how small has to start somewhere. Every successful game developer has at some point gone from not-starting to starting. The…

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